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Construction Accidents

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Why Should I Contact an attorney at Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. today to discuss the facts of my construction accident?

We have been representing New York injured construction workers for over 25 years. We will quickly be able to tell you whether you have a simple workers’ compensation claim, a much more lucrative New York construction accident lawsuit, or both. A New York construction accident lawsuit may allow you to recover the full extent of your economic loss, as well as damages for pain and suffering, through a negotiated settlement or through an award from a jury of your peers. Call today toll free at 1-877-693-2529  for a free consultation to discuss your construction accident claim.

Why are construction accidents in New York treated differently than other types of on the job injuries?

Construction is an inherently dangerous occupation — especially in the city of New York. As a result, the New York State Legislature passed laws to put extra safety requirements on businesses that operate in the construction industry. Construction workers are given additional legal rights under the New York State Labor Law (Section 240) in order to encourage the construction industry to maintain safe places to work. These extra rights allow some construction workers to file lawsuits in the Supreme Court for their full economic damages, pain and suffering — in addition to filing a workers’ compensation claim. Depending upon the workers’ injuries, these construction accident lawsuits could be worth millions of dollars for the worker and his or her family. Only a highly qualified and experienced trial attorney should handle construction accident lawsuits in New York or Long Island. Call us toll free today at 1-877-693-2529 for your Free Case Evaluation by one of our attorneys.

What kinds of construction accidents may be eligible for a lawsuit in New York Supreme Court?

They may include:

  • Slipping and falling on construction site debris
  • Falling from scaffolding and ladders
  • Insufficient or nonexistent guardrails
  • Lack of lifelines and/or safety nets
  • Falling scrap material
  • Stair collapses
  • Injuries related to excavation
  • Trench or other underground accidents
  • Injuries from falling tools and materials (sheetrock, wood, etc.)
  • Plywood floor or sheetrock ceiling collapses
  • Unsafe wall opening and floor holes
  • Motor vehicle accidents in designated work areas
  • Forklift accidents
  • Explosive accidents on demolition sites
  • Crane hook, tipping and cab accidents
  • Electrical accidents including electrocution
  • Injuries due to lack of proper hoisting equipment
  • Machinery and heavy equipment defects
  • Eye and other injuries from welding rods
  • Rebar accidents
  • Unsafe saws or cutting hazards
  • Asbestos and mold contamination

If I cannot sue my employer due to the New York Workers’ Compensation Law, who can I sue for an injury on a construction site?

You may be able to sue general contractors, other subcontractors, the manufacturers of defective construction machinery or tools, or the owner of the building or property where you were working.

Can the law firm of Turley Redmond & Rosasco coordinate all my legal claims (workers’ comp, construction accident lawsuits, disability claims)?

Yes. Many of our clients prefer to have all their accident and disability claims coordinated by our firm under one roof. That way, you do not have to call multiple law firms for answers to your questions. In addition, you will not get conflicting advice from different law firms on how one case may impact another. By coordinating all your accident and injury claims from the beginning, Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. can maximize your eventual monetary recovery from all sources.

How long should I wait before contacting a New York construction accident lawyer?

Contact Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P., as soon as possible after your accident and after you have received appropriate medical treatment for your injuries. Our investigators need to act quickly to obtain the evidence we need to support your construction accident case, such as job site materials. You have a short period of time to bring a claim, and if you miss a deadline, you may be barred from bringing a construction accident lawsuit.

What is Turley Redmond & Rosasco’s track record in New York construction accident cases?

In the last 10 years, we have helped many construction workers receive multimillion-dollar settlements and verdicts for their construction site injuries. Working with some of the best trial attorneys in New York and Long Island, our attorneys have secured numerous eight-figure and seven-figure monetary settlements for injured construction workers. Many personal injury lawyers on the Internet have “jaw-dropping” financial claims on their websites. Many of these eye-popping numbers have little to no relation to what an injured construction worker actually receives “in his pocket” at the end of a case. Besides deductions for lawyers’ fees, there are often large deductions for workers’ compensation liens, expert reports and testimony and other litigation expenses. We point this out simply so that you are an educated consumer when selecting a New York construction accident lawyer. Feel free to ask us any and all questions you want. You can trust Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P., to give you the straight scoop.

For example, a recent case of ours involved a construction accident settlement for $3.2 million before trial. The case involved a longshoreman who was injured in a fall on a construction site. Despite two back surgeries, he continued to have significant pain and could not return to his regular occupation. Prior to jury selection in Supreme Court in Brooklyn, the insurance companies settled for $3.2 million based upon the strength of the medical records we had produced in the case. The significance of this case is that the recovery was a settlement before trial. Although many of our victories have been at trial, trials often involve significant risk when defense lawyers present damaging surveillance video of injured workers to a jury. As wise lawyers know, it is often better to negotiate a good settlement rather than risk everything at trial.

I am not happy with the current lawyer handling my case. Can I fire him and retain Turley Redmond & Rosasco?

Yes. You have an absolute right to the lawyer of your choosing at any time. You also have an absolute right to obtain your complete file from a prior lawyer to give to your new lawyer. Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. can arrange a smooth transition of your file to our office.

As a client, you are entitled to be kept informed of the progress of your case. You should be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times. You have the right to have your questions answered in a prompt manner, and to have telephone calls returned as soon as possible. This is simple professional courtesy and you should not tolerate anything less.

If you are dissatisfied with the legal representation you are currently receiving, you can withdraw from the attorney-client relationship and seek another New York construction accident lawyer. Feel free to call an attorney at Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. today at 1-877-693-2529 x123 if you would like to discuss the individual facts of your case and the benefits of switching your New York construction accident attorney.

I was just injured on a construction site. Besides getting prompt medical attention and informing my supervisor, what should I do?

Call Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. immediately toll free at 1-877-693-2529 x123 speak to one of our attorneys. We will walk you through the process, investigate your claim and file the proper forms and paperwork needed to protect you. We will be glad to tell you all your rights during your Free Office Consultation.

Will I have to go to a “deposition” in a New York construction accident case?

Yes, but this is nothing to be afraid of. A deposition is simply a statement given under oath, usually done in a lawyer’s office before a court reporter. Witnesses called to testify in a deposition answer questions posed by the attorneys representing both parties in a construction accident case. A court reporter produces a written transcript of everything said at the deposition and the witnesses read and sign the transcript, swearing it to be an accurate rendition of the evidence given under oath. If you or any witnesses on your side have to give a deposition in your case, Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. will prepare you beforehand and defend you during the deposition.

What is an “expert witness” in a New York construction accident case?

An expert witness is a witness who has specific knowledge of a particular field that is generally greater than what is known by an average layperson. An expert is usually permitted to testify to his/her opinion. A layperson can testify only as to the facts in question. In a construction accident case, your doctor (or one picked by our law firm) may testify as to the extent of your permanent injuries. An “accident reconstruction” expert may be called to testify as to what and how the accident occurred. An economist may testify as to your economic damages caused by the injury. Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. will “advance” for our clients the substantial costs necessary to secure this expert testimony when needed.

What does it mean to “settle” a construction accident case?

When you settle a construction accident case you agree to accept money in return for dismissing your construction accident injury claim against the defendants who are legally responsible for your injury. You sign documents releasing the defendants from any further liability. To help you decide whether to accept the settlement offer, your New York Construction Accident lawyer at Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. will provide a realistic assessment of a range of possible verdict amounts and how long it may take to get to trial. Settlement can take place at any point in a New York construction accident lawsuit, including before trial, after a construction accident case has been tried but before a jury reaches a verdict, or after trial while your case is on appeal.

I’ve gone back to work, but I can’t do the kind of work I was doing before because of my injuries. Do I still have a construction accident injury claim?

You may still have a claim if your injuries are preventing you from earning as much money as before the construction accident injury, or they have forced you to take work that does not have the same potential for advancement and salary increases later on. Contact a New York construction accident lawyer at Turley Redmond & Rosasco, L.L.P. today to discuss the individual facts of your case at 1-877-693-2529 x123.

Who is responsible for ensuring safe conditions on a New York construction site?

Besides OSHA, the property owner, general contractor (GC), subcontractors, and in some cases safety inspectors are generally responsible for ensuring the safety of all construction workers on a site. The extent of each party’s responsibility depends on the facts of your individual construction accident case.

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