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Disability Attorney Named to Board of Advisors at St. John's University Center for Labor and Employment Law

I am looking forward to attending the Inaugural Dinner of the new St. John’s University School of Law Center for Labor and Employment Law at the Williams Club in New York City this Thursday. In attendance will be our Law School’s new Dean, Michael A. Simons.  I am deeply honored to have been asked to become an inaugural member of the Board of Advisors of this prestigious new Labor and Employment Law Center  ,which I am sure will be yet another jewel in the law school’s crown.

The Center for Labor and Employment Law would not have been possible without the long-standing support and groundwork of David L. Gregory, The Dorothy Day Professor of Law.  Many moons ago when I was President of the Law School’s Labor & Employment Law Society, we recruited the iconic Cesar Chavez, then President of the United Farm Workers, to speak on campus to a rousing student body. Since then, Dave Gregory has turned the law school into one of the nation’s pre-eminent recruiting locations for future labor lawyers

The new Center’s stated purpose is to:  "creatively and dynamically prepare law students for professional excellence as superb labor and employment lawyers of impeccable integrity". Having been a Guest Lecturer at the law school for over 15 years now, I can unequivocally state that St. John’s Law School produces some of the finest future labor lawyers in the United States. The new Center will only add to the it’s already well deserved reputation.   

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