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COVID-19 In The Workplace II

The Covid-19 Virus has presented an extraordinary challenge for the working people of  New York. Especially hard hit are those who provide essential services; healthcare workers, transportation workers, retail grocery workers, couriers and  emergency service personnel, just to name a few,

If you believe that you have contracted the COVID-19 virus at work or as a result of your work activity, you may be entitled to lost wage benefits and full medical care for your illness. There are three important steps you must follow to be considered for these  valuable benefits.

  1. SEEK MEDICAL CARE IMMEDIATELY at a hospital emergency room, walk-in medical center, or from your primary care physician. Be sure to tell your healthcare provider about the type of work you do as well as how and when you became ill.
  2. NOTIFY YOUR EMPLOYER ABOUT YOUR ILLNESS. As soon as possible, notify your supervisor, manager or anyone in authority at your workplace that you have become sick with the virus. Under New York State Law you have 30 days to formally notify your employer of your illness.
  3. FILE A FORM C-3, EMPLOYEES CLAIM FOR INJURY. This form can be obtained on the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board website: You can submit your claim electronically(online), by  fax or  by regular mail. Under New York State Law you have 2 years from the date you knew or should have known that your illness was work related to file your claim. 
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