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Avoid These 5 Serious Mistakes After Your Workplace Accident

It can be hard to imagine getting hurt at your workplace, but it happens more often than you think. This is especially true if you work in a high-risk industry. While you can recover damages for your accident, many workers earn a fraction of what they are entitled to because they didn’t handle the situation appropriately. Be sure to have a backup plan if you get hurt to avoid making costly mistakes when filing your claim.

5 Common Mistakes People Make After A Workplace Injury

After a work injury, it’s understandable you’re simply trying to recover and move on. However, workplace injuries get more complicated if you’re suing your employer and filing for workers’ compensation benefits. Here are five common mistakes you should never make after your incident:

#1 Failing To Report The Incident As Soon As Possible

You should report the incident to your supervisor as soon as possible. According to New York State’s Workers’ Compensation Law, you must notify your employer within 30 days of the accident. If you wait past the deadline, you have a higher chance of your benefits being denied. Whenever you can, notify your employer immediately.

#2 Not Getting Medical Attention

No matter how minor your accident was, seek medical help immediately and discuss the accident with your doctor. You must be honest and accurately describe your pain during the visit. The more detailed you are, the more likely your doctor will provide the proper treatment for each injury. A medical consultation also helps you gather crucial evidence for your case.

#3 Not Going Back To Work Immediately After Recovery

When you’re injured, you’re entitled to take a leave of absence until you’re fully recovered. However, if your employer has alternative work for you while your injuries heal, you’re required to take it. Taking advantage of your leave of absence or refusing to work can result in your termination and benefits being denied. Be sure to inform your employer about any changes to your medical condition and follow your doctor’s advice when returning to work.

#4 Lying About Your Recovery Process

Understandably, everyone wants to know how you’re doing, but sharing too much can lead to serious consequences if you aren’t careful, especially if you’re caught lying about your condition. For example, if your employer finds out about your latest vacation while you’re supposedly bedridden, they can use this against you in court. Always keep the details of your recovery as private as possible.

#5 Not Gathering Enough Evidence

One of the most important keys to a successful workers’ comp case is ensuring your case evidence covers as much about the accident as possible. The problem is, you may forget specific details of the accident over time. For this reason, documenting as much evidence as possible helps convince the courts about your medical condition.

Our Team Of Attorneys Are Here To Help

An injury at work can be stressful, especially if you decide to seek compensation for your losses. Workers’ compensation cases are complex, and simple mistakes can lead to your claim being rejected. However, as long as you’re careful, there is no reason why you won’t win your case.

Our team of  workers’ compensation lawyers can help you review your case and ensure you have all the paperwork you need to receive benefits. Please fill out our contact form or call us at 855-622-7686 to schedule a free trial consultation today. We serve Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and more.

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