Why are construction accidents in New York treated differently than other types of on the job injuries?

Construction is an inherently dangerous occupation — especially in the city of New York. As a result, the New York State Legislature passed laws to put extra safety requirements on businesses that operate in the construction industry. Construction workers are given additional legal rights under the New York State Labor Law (Section 240) in order to encourage the construction industry to maintain safe places to work. These extra rights allow some construction workers to file lawsuits in the Supreme Court for their full economic damages, pain and suffering — in addition to filing a workers' compensation claim. Depending upon the workers' injuries, these construction accident lawsuits could be worth millions of dollars for the worker and his or her family. Only a highly qualified and experienced trial attorney should handle construction accident lawsuits in New York City or Long Island. Call us toll free today at 800-671-4927 for your Free Case Evaluation by one of our attorneys.