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Workers Memorial Day – April 28, 2005

Last year seven of our clients died on the job. 2004 was the worst year for workers compensation death claims for our clients since the September 11th tragedy. Two deaths involved construction accidents, two were work related heart attacks, one involved a defective industrial machine, one was a motor vehicle accident, and perhaps the saddest was the work related suicide of a long time client who could not take the pain anymore. Our condolences go out to all the widows, children and other family members who lost loved ones in 2004. Across this great country of ours, we must continue to fight to make workplaces safer.
Last Thursday, April 28th, many of us honored the approximately 56,000 Americans who died last year due to work injuries and illnesses on Workers Memorial Day. This somber holiday was first observed in 1989, and since has become an annual remembrance at hundreds of worksites and communities across the nation. It complements the the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire Memorial Dinner we attended last month honoring those who died in that industrial tragedy. In a year packed with many holidays for many good reasons, I think sometimes Workers Memorial Day does not get the attention it deserves. However, those of us who represent widows and children in workers compensation claims are constantly reminded of the reasons for this important observance. We will never forget.

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