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Serious workplace accidents can cause fatalities

New York residents employed in manufacturing positions likely know that the industry can be a dangerous place to work. Even with the numerous safety regulations enforced in the majority of businesses, workplace accidents still occur often. Unfortunately, these accidents can sometimes lead to fatalities. A recent accident at a packaging facility caused the deaths of three employees and injured several others.

The accident at the packaging plant occurred on Feb. 8, 2017 and resulted in an explosion. While investigators originally believed the explosion could have been caused by a fire, further review indicated that it was not. Reports note that the automatic valve of a tank was accidentally left unlocked. This caused the tank to fill with steam pressure for an extended time, leading to the explosion.

Tragically, this accident killed the three employees who were working in close proximity to the tank when it exploded. These men were killed instantly. A fourth worker was initially unaccounted for immediately following the accident. Luckily, he was later found unharmed. Minor to moderate injuries were reported by seven other employees who were in the area at the time of the accident.

Though the official cause of the accident is still being investigated, the victims and their families are entitled to file workers’ compensation claims. If successful, the claims would grant them benefits that would provide financial aid for medical bills, funeral expenses and lost income, as applicable. For those involved in workplace accidents, consulting an experienced New York attorney can begin the process of acquiring compensation.

Source:, “PCA explosion happened without fire“, Rachel Steffan, Steven Iles and Lee Zion, Feb. 14, 2017

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