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Sen. Kennedy Introduces Bill To Improve Veterans’ Disability Rights And Reduce Fraud

On June 1st, Senator John Kennedy introduced a bipartisan bill to strengthen veterans’ disability rights by increasing penalties for private organizations that commit fraud against veterans filing claims. If this bill becomes law, it can ensure veterans get the support they need while protecting them from getting taken advantage of.

What Would The PLUS for Veterans Act Do?

The Preserving Lawful Utilization of Services (PLUS) Act of 2023 would give veterans the extra protection they need from being the victims of fraud.

Navigating veterans’ claims is complicated, so most applicants hire attorneys or other Veteran Services Organizations (VSOs) to help them. Not only does it make the process easier, but it also dramatically increases the chances of a disability claim going through. The most recent Chairman of the Board of Veterans Appeals report shows that roughly 8 in 10 veterans have an opportunity to have their benefits approved when working with an attorney.

Despite these benefits, there are no laws regulating how much a private agency or lawyer can charge. This lack of regulation can lead some non-accredited agencies or attorneys to take advantage of vets by charging fees without delivering results.

With the PLUS for Veterans Act, veterans would be protected from these unscrupulous individuals by introducing penalties or fines for anyone using a veteran’s situation for their bottom line.

The bill would also:

  • Prohibit agencies from charging you unless your case is successful
  • Cap the legislative fee a third-party agency or lawyer can collect from you
  • Ensure these organizations aren’t inappropriately working with medical providers

How Would This Bill Affect The Claims Process If Passed?

As Senator Kennedy stated in a recent press release, “The government should not stand in the way of veterans’ ability to get the most out of their VA benefits. The PLUS for Veterans Act would protect veterans’ access to private organizations that help them file claims and impose criminal penalties on fraudsters.”

Despite all the available resources and organizations, they still aren’t enough to fully cover veterans nationwide. For this reason, H.R.1822 is crucial to ensure veterans can find the help they need and prevents third-party services from exploiting their situation for extra profit.  

Get The Benefits You Deserve

Filing a disability claim can be daunting when you do it alone, so hiring a professional attorney can be the best option to get the results you’re looking for. For decades, our veterans’ disability lawyers have helped thousands of veterans successfully file their applications and receive the benefits they deserve. For more information about our services or to schedule a free consultation with us, please call us at 855-905-4452 or contact us online today.

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