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Pataki Signs 9/11 New York Disability Pension Law

In a significant win for the rescue and recovery heroes of 9/11 and New York’s municipal unions, last week Gov. George Pataki finally signed the 75% disability pension bill for workers who become ill as a result of working at Ground Zero. Municipal employees, mostly police and firemen, who worked more than 40 hours at Ground Zero and develop cancer or other diseases are now presumed to have gotten these illnesses from the 9/11 clean up, unless the employer can prove otherwise.
I have a 36 year old friend who is a New York City fireman (New York’s Bravest) and worked at Ground Zero for over three months looking for the remains of his brother, a fellow fireman. He now has multiple granulomas on his lungs, which could be a precursor to lung cancer. The New York City Fire Department won’t let him return to active duty. This new disability pension law will help protect his family in the future. Give credit to the Governor for doing the right thing for the heroes of 9/11. Now, how about a workers’ compensation benefit increase, George? Its only been 13 years!

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