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NY Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Quoted in AM NewYork

Does or job affect your sleep patterns?  Can you collect New York Workers’ Compensation benefits if it does? That’s the question Daisy Harrington asked me in her Career Corner column in AM New York published today. 

There is growing evidence that workers may suffer adverse health effects, especially  work related heart attacks, due to long or unusual working hours,.  Workers who are “on call” constantly might have similar problems.  However, to date making such claims at the New York Workers’ Compensation Board  has not been particularly fruitful in our experience.   As in every workers’ comp claim, you must have a medical doctor support you claim in writing.  This is often easier said than done. 

Despite the potential hurdles, every case has different facts and you would be well advised to consult an experienced Workman’s compensation attorney if you believe your job has impacted your sleep and harmed yor health.

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