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New York Workers' Compensation Alliance Exposes "Comp Watch '06

Just read the New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance’s take on “Comp Watch ’06”, the newsletter put out by the New York State Business Council. It’s called “Comp Truth ’06”, and is really a far more even handed presentation of the facts. It is must reading for all New York State Legislators considering workers’ comp “reform” in New York State this year..
Bottom Line – injured public employees who are collecting workers’ comp and a pension from New York State are not “double dipping”, as implied by the Business Council. These systems are coordinated to prevent just that. For instance, those employees in Tier I who receive an “Accidental Disability Pension” have their pensions reduced “dollar for dollar” for any workers’ comp they might receive. How is that double dipping? Anyway, it’s good for New York State State Legislators to hear both sides of the argument, especially in an election year!

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