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New Year, New Format for New York Disability Law Blog!

Welcome to the newly designed New York Disability Law Blog!  As you will notice, I changed the official title of the blog from "The Disabled Worker Law Blog" to the  more informational "New York Disability Law Blog".  This is in keeping with the blog’s purpose of providing useful information and insight regarding disability claims to fellow attorneys and the general public

To this end, I am excited to announce the creation of the blog’s "Disability Law Library" which will be continually added to and updated.  I hope that this will eventually become the first place attorneys and claimant’s turn to when researching disability claims and legal issues.  Still in it’s formative stages, the library will have sections on long term disability and ERISA claims, Social Security  disability, New York workers’ compensation, civil service disability pensions, scaffold /ladder /construction site lawsuits and a new section on the unfortunate expanding area of veterans’ disability claims.

In addition, in 2007 we hope to do a better job collaborating with fellow bloggers such as Jonathan Ginsberg and his excellent Social Security Disability Radio Blog.  Please feel free to comment about the new design and let me know how the New York Disability Law Blog can better serve your needs.  Talk to you soon.

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