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Judge Issues Gag Order and Delays 9/11 Lawsuit Settlement Announcement until Thursday

Do the lead attorneys have 95% of their first responder clients agreeing to the multi-million 9/11 settlement?

No one knows because federal District Court Judge Alvin Hellerstein has issued a "gag order" to prevent the parties from discussing the 9/11 settlement in public and has now given the plaintiff’s attorneys until this Thursday to "finish processing the paperwork".     Stay tuned… 

PS: It’s clear now one of the two lead law firms did not reach 95% (you can bet Sullivan Papain hit their 95% mark). Judge Hellerstein has extended the deadline another week, not just for counting the ballots, but also for new opt-ins. The wait continues leaving the vast majority of sick 9/11 responders and their families teetering on edge. Is this fair? 


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