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Craig Rosasco Lectures on New York Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Treatment Guidelines to Injured Workers Bar Association

If you are a practicing workers’ compensation lawyer  in New York  and missed Craig Rosasco’s presentation on the New Workers’ Compensation Treatment Guidelines in Albany last weekend,  you missed one of the best CLE’s I’ve attended in a long time. The over 70 attendees who completed evaluations seemed to agree enthusiastically.

Craig had been asked by Touro Law School, his alma mater,  to prepare the training if they were selected by the NY Workers’ Compensation Board to do training throughout the entire state.  The contract for the training on the New Medical Treatment Guidelines ended up being awarded to Albany Law School. 

Realizing an opportunity with perfect timing, IWBA President John Sciortino  called upon my partner (and brother) Craig Rosasco  to present his seminar at the Fall IWBA conference.  The Dean of Touro’s Medical School, Robert Goldberg, DO presented the next day. The New Treatment Guidelines take effect December 1, 2010. 

The Workers’ Compensation Board is now offering on-line CLE training for attorneys and separate on-line training for medical practitioners, who arguably need the training far more than the lawyers. However, these training’s by their nature must be even-handed to all the so-called “stakeholders” in the workers’ compensation system. 

Craig’s seminar was geared specifically to benefit the injured worker, his medical providers and his attorneys.  Congratulations to Craig for enlightening over 70 members of the bar from across the state and making this past IWBA conference so well received.

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