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Coordinating Workers' Comp, Social Security and Long Term Disability Claims Seminar – 11/22/05

Want to know how Workers’ Comp, Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability claims inter-relate? I will be lecturing next week on 11/22/05 in Garden City at a day long seminar entitled “Advanced Workers’ Compensation in New York” My topic will be “Coordinating Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability Claims”. In the past year, I have seen an increasing number of clients who wish to have all their disability related claims handled by one law firm. There are specific strategies that can be followed in order to protect a claimant’s entitlement to all three benefits at the same time.
For those attorneys and workers’ compensation claims professionals who have not yet signed up for next week’s seminar, you can still do so by contacting Lorman Educational Services toll free at 1-866-352-9539 or at So far, we have over 30 attendees signed up, so it should be a lively and informative disability seminar. Hope to see you there.

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