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Construction workers’ accidents: Man struck by pavement roller

Whenever there is activity in road construction zones in New York and other states, lives are put on the line. The dangers posed by the massive machines and equipment must never be underestimated. Owners of construction companies must ensure that operators of equipment are qualified and trained in the operation of the particular machine. Even slight errors can cause devastating construction workers’ accidents.

A worker recently suffered critical injuries in an accident that were likely avoidable. A spokesperson for that state’s Department of Transportation reported the incident occurred on a recent Monday afternoon on a section of highway that is being resurfaced. According to a report by the county sheriff, an error by a 47-year-old operator of a pavement roller caused the accident.

The man stopped to remove some construction cones in the road. As he got off the large machine, a piece of his clothing apparently caught on the gear shift. This put the pavement roller into drive gear, causing it to roll forward. It struck another member of the work crew and rolled over him. The 38-year-old construction worker was rushed to a medical facility where his condition was said to be critical.

The road was completely closed for several hours while emergency crews were busy and the state of Michigan’s Construction Safety and Health Division conducted an investigation. The injured victim will likely have to face substantial medical bills, and he may miss work for an extended period. In the state of New York, victims of construction workers’ accidents can pursue financial assistance with lost income and medical expenses by filing benefits claims with the workers’ compensation insurance system.

Source:, “Road worker run over by roller in critical condition“, Aug. 23, 2016

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