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Bush's "Leave Huge Debts Behind" Social Security Plan

In a clever twist on President Bush’s under funded “No Child Left Behind” education law, Matt Miller labeled the President’s Social Security Plan as “Leave Huge Debts Behind” in a great opinion piece in yesterday’s New York Times. After a good laugh, I sadly realized how similar both programs really are.
No Child Left Behind provides almost no funding to get our kids’ education on par with what they will need in the super-competitive workforce. Leave Huge Debts Behind (ie Bush Social Security Plan) mortgages our kid’s future with an extra $200 billion added to the existing Federal debt. Bottom Line– the Bush Social Security Plan will leave future generations poorer, while No Child Left Behind will leave them less educated than they need to be. Rather than leaving No Child Left Behind, we will be leaving all children with far less economic security than they need. In my house, that’s not being a responsible parent.

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