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Off The Record – Workers’ Comp – 9/11 Work Related Claims

Video Transcript

Hi, everybody. Once again, my name is Craig Rosasco, managing partner at the law firm of Turley, Redmond and Rosasco. Today we’re gonna discuss 911 work-related claims. If you were downtown working and you suffered some type of injury and/or ailment as a result of your exposures downtown, you can file for workers’ compensation. It is getting late in the game and we hope that you filed a WTC-12 in the past that would entitle you to file a claim at this stage.

Additionally, you can be entitled to monetary compensation through what’s called the Victim’s Compensation Fund. And who’s entitled to collect out of the Victim’s Compensation Fund? So the question is, were you a rescue or recovery worker? Were you living downtown between September of 01 and May of 02? Were you a worker downtown or were you a student who attended school downtown between September of 01 and May of 02?

If so, and you developed either a respiratory ailment, and/or any type of 68 cancers that are on the list, you can be entitled to compensation through the Federal James Zadroga Act and the Federal Program. So there’s two different parts of the program. One is the victim’s compensation fund. That’s tax-free money for your cancer, for your respiratory ailments, for your sinusitis, those types of ailments. You’re entitled to tax-free money for that benefit.

Additionally, similarly, there is the World Trade Center Healthcare Program. That’s free nationwide medical care for any condition that’s certified by the federal government based upon the exposures downtown between September of 01 and May of 02. There is a deadline for filing, it’s coming up pretty quick, July 29th of 2021. So you wanna contact me immediately, Craig Rosasco 516-308-2013. I’ve been filing these claims since 2001, so please give me a call. Talk soon.

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