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Off the Record: Veterans Service Records

Video Transcript

Janet: So, I don’t know. I seem to be coming across a lot of these cases where these guys are coming in, thinking that their DD-214 constitutes their [inaudible 00:00:10] service record book. How long is it taking you guys to get these things?

Alexis: It takes us about three to six months, which I find very odd that it’s not altogether, they’re all in multiple different places, their meds, their service records. Their medical records can be split up between dental and this and that. And even our most recent vets that we have are having trouble getting their service records. And they were out of service just two years ago, and it’s just the hardship on them to get it.

Janet: And nobody even tells them how to get it, that’s the sad thing, because I’ll say to them, “Where’s your service record book? Do you have your service record book?” And a lot of them just tell me, “Service record book, what do you mean, my DD-214?” And I’m trying to explain to them really that is the nuts and the bolts of their case, or at least the start of a case. I mean, how many service record books do we pick up after looking through the medicals and see five or six other claims in addition to what they initially only thought they had? It’s unbelievable.

Alexis: Right. So much shakes out of those records, and that’s the connecting factor that we need. And you went to the medical for this, for that, for this, and now you can claim it because you’re still having problems with it and you might’ve forgotten, or you might not have realized. And that’s that connecting factor we need. And it’s kind of a shame that they don’t guide them to get…

Janet: To get those when they get out.

Alexis: …the records as soon as they get out of service.

Janet: Yeah. Exactly.

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