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Off The Record: TRR SSD SSD & Veterans Benefits

Video Transcript

Bill: So, I got a call today from a veteran who is getting Veterans’ Disability Benefits right now. And he seems like he’s pretty disabled, but he’s never applied for Social Security Disability. Can he do that, even though he’s collecting Veterans’ Disability Benefit?

Janet: Yeah, he sure can. They are two separate things. He can collect his compensation through the VA, and then also file for Social Security Disability. He can collect, possibly, from both. And, although the VA doesn’t have to pay a lot of attention to Social Security, they will. And, although Social Security doesn’t have to pay a lot of heat to the VA, they usually do. Sometimes that’s the best approach to take, because not only can a veteran get benefits for their family through Veterans’ Compensation, but Social Security may also pay out some benefits for their family as well.

Bill: And there’s no reduction in one benefit or the other? No offset or anything like that?

Janet: There is no offset at all.

Bill: So, you can collect one on top of the other?

Janet: Correct.

Bill: Wow.

Janet: Yeah.

Bill: You got your Vet shirt on today, where did you go?

Janet: VFW. I actually went to a school today. We’re talking about history and the part that veterans played in various wars.

Bill: Good stuff.

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