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Off The Record – Social Security Disability: How The Process Has Changed Since COVID-19

Video Transcript

Janet: So, Claudia, it’s my understanding the whole social security process is really being sped up a little bit by the pandemic?

Claudia: Yes, when it comes to hearings, they have been scheduled much quicker than before.

Janet: And why do you think that is?

Claudia: I think because now they do it by telephone. So it avoids a lot of the delays. If clients are running late because of transportation issues and such, from before if clients missed a hearing it had to be rescheduled. Now, it’s a lot easier for the client to be not only available at the hearing, but be timely.

Janet: Now, which are the ways in which hearings can be held currently?

Claudia: Either by telephone, or by video using Microsoft Teams.

Janet: Okay, so why would a client want to go say, a video hearing, as opposed to say, a telephone hearing?

Claudia: That’s really a personal preference. So in terms of the phone, it’s a little bit more private, where someone’s not seeing their home, or, you know, their background wherever they are. So it is a little bit more private, feel like a video could feel a little bit intrusive, because you’re in your home, and now the judge is seeing your home. But it really depends if a person has a very physical impairment that’s visible then a video hearing would probably be best.

Janet: So it would be fair to say, if somebody does have a hearing coming up, or they’re contemplating whether to have a video or a phone hearing, the best thing to do would probably be to contact a legal representative and get their input as to which may be most feasible and best.

Claudia: Absolutely.

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