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Denied SSD Claims

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How to Overcome a Denial of Social Security Disability (SSD) Benefits

Was your SSD claim denied? We can help. The social security disability lawyers at Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco will review your application, advise you on how to proceed with appealing the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) decision and help you recover your rightful benefits. Our attorneys understand your frustrations and concerns, and will take proactive steps to effectively overcome denied SSD claims. We assist clients throughout New York and Long Island, including Riverhead, Ronkonkoma, Shirley, Garden City, and New York City.

Top Reasons for SSD Denial

Individuals often retain us upon receiving a denial letter from the SSA. In many cases, the reason for SSD denial was entirely preventable and we can fix it on appeal. In other cases, the person was ineligible at the time of filing, but the disqualifying factor has changed. Commonly, the applicant submitted inadequate evidence or misunderstood the procedures or criteria.

Top reasons for denial include:

  • Your medical condition did not meet the definition for disability
  • You provided insufficient medical evidence of the severity or duration of your condition
  • SSA determined you were able to perform the tasks required of you in your former job
  • SSA decided that you could adapt your education, experience and transferable skills to another job
  • You earned income above the maximum allowable amount
  • You did not provide paystubs, tax returns or other evidence of earnings
  • You received too much in workers’ compensation, veterans benefits or other programs
  • You received a large personal injury settlement that disqualified you from benefits.
  • You failed to include income from a non-job source for the SSD to consider.
  • You committed a technical error.

What Should You Do If Your SSD Claim Was Denied?

Getting a denial letter is heartbreaking. You may have been counting on the SSD benefits to pay for crucial living expenses, and the delay may present financial challenges at a time when you should be focused on your health and future. The uncertainty can increase anxiety during an already stressful period of your life.

What should you do if you receive the dreaded denial letter?

  • Do not panic. The SSA denies 70 percent of initial SSD applications, many of which are ultimately approved. Therefore, do not get discouraged or upset. You have other options, such as filing an appeal. 
  • Read the letter carefully. The letter explains why your claim was denied. The information contained in the letter will dictate the best course of action for gaining approval on appeal.
  • Collect more evidence. You may need to submit additional evidence of your eligibility. For example, if the SSA claims your medical condition did not meet the definition of disability, you may need to provide more proof of its severity, expected duration or impact on your ability to perform certain job-related tasks.
  • File your appeal right away. You have only 60 days from the date you receive the letter to file your appeal. If you miss the deadline, you must start the entire process from scratch.
  • Retain legal counsel to help. An experienced disability attorney can strategize a plan to increase your likelihood of approval on appeal.

Consult With Our Social Security Disability Lawyers About Appealing a Denial of SSD Benefits

If your SSD claim was denied, start preparing your appeal immediately to file by the deadline. The social security disability lawyers at Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco help you take the steps necessary to gain SSA approval. Your SSD appeals evaluation is free, so contact us today for a consultation. We have offices conveniently located in Riverhead, Ronkonkoma, Shirley, Garden City, and New York City.

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