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Common SSD Application Mistakes

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Helping Social Security Applicants Avoid the Most Common SSD Application Errors

A mistake in your Social Security disability (SSD) application can result in delay or denial of your claim. An SSD attorney at Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco can help you to avoid errors and troubleshoot problems that may arise as you apply for benefits. We recognize that you are relying on these vital benefits and take steps to keep your application moving efficiently and successfully through the process.

Top 6 SSD Application Mistakes That Can Result in Benefit Delays or Denial

Unfortunately, Social Security disability applications are often denied because of a simple, avoidable error. Below are the top six reasons that clients have retained us after their application was denied:

  1. Continuing to work


    The Social Security Administration (SSA) sets a maximum limit to the amount of income you can earn to qualify for SSD. In 2017, your maximum earnings could not exceed $1,170 per month. This limit increases only slightly every year.


  2. Accepting your settlement outright


    Your personal injury settlement is considered income and can disqualify you for SSD benefits. Consider using a legal mechanism that allows you to recover insurance or litigation damages without jeopardizing your SSD eligibility. For example, deposit funds into a special needs trust, which you can use for other expenses besides food and lodging.


  3. Not following your treatment plan


    You want your health to improve, but sticking with your treatment plan can pose a challenge. In addition to affecting your recovery, failing to abide by your doctor’s recommendations can also jeopardize your SSD eligibility.


  4. Not submitting adequate medical evidence


    You must prove that 1) your medical condition is severe enough to interfere with your ability to perform your job or adapt to other professions and 2) that the condition has lasted or will last more than a year or is terminal. If you fail to submit compelling medical evidence, you may be required to undergo a consultative exam, which can hold up your application, or you may be denied benefits.


  5. Missing the appeals deadline


    Application denial is not the final say. You may just be lacking a minor piece of evidence or the SSA may have made the wrong decision. In fact, the SSA denies about 70 percent of initial claims, many of which are approved on appeal. However, you must file your appeal within 60 days of receiving the denial letter. If you miss that deadline, you have to start the process over again.


  6. Failing to obtain experienced representation

    An experienced disability attorney can help you avoid mistakes that cost you time and additional money. Our firm helps you prepare a successful application so you can obtain your rightful benefits as soon as possible.

Avoid Mistakes in Your Application by Consulting With an Experienced SSD Attorney Today

A simple mistake can be detrimental to your SSD application. An SSD Attorney at Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco can advise you on avoiding costly mistakes and help you to file your application correctly. Contact us today for a free consultation. We assist clients throughout New York and Long Island, including Ronkonkoma, Shirley, Riverhead, Garden City, and New York City.

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