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Social Security Disability Insurance and Denials

Proven Social Security Law Firm in New York City

If you are suffering from an injury or other impairment that renders you incapable of working for a period of time, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits.  An award of disability benefits will not only ensure a continuous monthly benefit for the length of your disability, but it will also entitle you to receive Medicare benefits.

At Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco, LLP, our team is committed to representing Social Security disability claimants in a way that is considerate of the unique elements of their claim.  Over the past few decades, our lawyers have represented and successfully obtained benefits for more than 10,000 claimants throughout Manhattan and Long Island.

The Ubiquity of Denial

Social Security claims are routinely denied upon initial application.  In fact, according to a recent long-term study conducted by the Social Security Administration (SSA), from 2007-2016, the percentage of applicants awarded benefits at the initial claims level averaged just 22 percent.  The percentage of applicants awarded benefits at the reconsideration averages only 13 percent.  At the hearing level, the national average of applicants awarded benefits is currently 42 percent.  

Part of the reason why the percentage of applicants awarded benefits at the hearing level is significantly higher is the fact that a larger percentage of claimants obtain representation at the hearing level.  When a case is before a Judge at the hearing level, Judges routinely encourage claimants to obtain representation.   

Given the high volume of applications, the Social Security Administration (SSA) must exercise significant caution in awarding benefits. As such, it will deny an award of benefits in any situation where there is sufficient justification for doing so (i.e., lack of supportive evidence, procedural issues with the application), even if those reasons seem relatively minor to the Social Security disability claimant.

If you have had your initial claim denied, however, all is not lost.  With the help of our experienced New York City Social Security lawyers, we can assist you in proceeding with the best course of action.  We may assist you to resubmit your application, appeal the decision, request a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, have the appeals council review the decision, or litigate the issue in federal court.

Common Reasons for the Denial of Benefits

Common reasons for denying Social Security benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lack of medical evidence
  • Income too high to qualify for benefits
  • Incomplete application
  • Claimant contributed to his/her own medical issues (i.e., failed to follow prescribed treatments)
  • Drug or alcohol abuse caused medical issues
  • Disability is exempted from coverage
  • Insufficient supportive evidence

Speak With the Experienced Manhattan Social Security Advocates at Our Firm Today for Guidance

Whether you are planning to submit a Social Security disability claim or you have already done so and have had your claim denied (or otherwise received an adverse decision), we encourage you to contact our office for further guidance.  Having competent and experienced representation increases your chances of winning your Social Security Disability claim.  It is our mission to provide you with the best representation and be the most successful advocates possible.

Here at Turley, Redmond, Rosasco & Rosasco, LLP, our team of experienced New York City Social Security advocates have spent decades assisting clients through every stage of the disability claims process, from submitting the initial application for benefits to handling administrative appeals to trial litigation.  The breadth of this experience has given us key insight into what is necessary to put forth a successful benefits claim and avoid common mistakes.

Ready to speak to a qualified representative/advocate about your Social Security claims?  Call us at 877-693-2529 or complete an online intake form through our website to schedule a free initial consultation today.  We operate multiple office locations throughout NYC and Long Island.






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