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Without you Sir, I would have been a lost case. I will not forget all you have done for me.

B.R., Queens

New York Social Security Disability Lawyers – Turley Redmond Rosasco & Rosasco

Video Transcript

The two most common questions I hear from clients about social security disability is one, do I have to be totally disabled to get social security disability? And two, how much money will I get on social security?

We represent people from all walks of life with injuries and disabilities that prevent them from doing their regular line of work. In the past year, “60 Minutes” and other newspapers have exposed disability scams, so social security is looking at cases more closely than ever before. That’s why you need an attorney with the reputation for integrity to go in front of the judges to win your case. We feel comfortable taking some of the toughest cases because we are one of the few New York law firms that have taken and won cases before the highest federal courts in New York State. If someone is feeling discouraged because their claim is denied, I tell them, don’t ever give up.

Give us a call, we’ll walk you through the process and we’ll help you win your claim.

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