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Many construction accidents in New York tragically avoidable

Everybody faces certain risks on the job. Risks vary by type and degree, of course, but all work involves some risk of harm. The construction industry is one we naturally think of as being among the more dangerous industries, and there is certainly good reason for this.

New York sees its fair share of construction accidents. In recent years, with the increase in real estate activity, there has been a corresponding increase in construction accidents. In 2015, a total of 12 workers died on construction sites in New York, an increase from eight in 2014. A great many more injuries occurred, though.

According to recent data, twice as many construction accidents occurred in 2014 than occurred in 2011, when construction business was slow. Part of the reason for the increase is the increased construction activity, though some of is also due to stricter inspections, which have caught accidents which wouldn’t otherwise have been reported. Employers are required to report accidents, but they don’t always abide by the law.

Workers’ unions say, though, that the problem primarily lies with nonunion jobs. While it makes sense that workers’ union have a vested interest in this being the case, it is true that many construction accidents are preventable, if only employers would take the care to protect their workers’ from avoidable harm.

Unfortunately, employers don’t always do what they should or could do to prevent unnecessary accidents. When this happens, it is important for the workers injured as a result of this negligence to work with an experienced attorney to determine their options for seeking compensation. 

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