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Fatal workplace accidents: Worker crushed by falling dumpster

Losing a loved one who leaves for work in the morning and never returns is naturally an indescribable experience. Not only will the surviving family have to cope without that person’s love and guidance, but the financial consequences of losing that person’s income may be severe — particularly if the deceased worker was the primary breadwinner. Workplace accidents in New York are never anticipated and always tragic.

One family of DeWitt suffered such a loss after an incident on a recent Wednesday morning. A police report states that a dumpster crushed the man. Under yet undetermined circumstances, the dumpster reportedly fell off a truck and landed on top of the worker. An ambulance rushed the man to the hospital, but, sadly, he succumbed to his injuries a while later.

The police are investigating the accident. Reportedly, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been advised, and investigators arrived at the scene. The agency will determine whether violations of safety regulations caused this workplace fatality.

Compensation may be pursued through the New York workers’ compensation insurance system. This is a no-fault program, and regardless of who was to blame for fatal workplace accidents, the surviving family members are entitled to claim death benefits. In this case, there will be medical bills related to the man’s hospitalization prior to his death and the expenses related to end-of-life arrangements. These costs will be covered by the death benefits along with a financial award to cover the daily living expenses of the covered dependents of the deceased worker.

Source:, “Man dies after industrial accident at DeWitt company“, Elizabeth Doran, May 25, 2016

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