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Do You Need A Doctor’s Letter For An SSDI Claim?

Detailed medical evidence describing your condition is essential to getting your SSDI claim approved. A doctor’s note can be a reliable source if you’re looking for another way to supplement your application. If done correctly, they can provide valuable details and credibility to your case. However, a poorly written letter that contradicts your claim’s evidence may result in the SSA rejecting your application.

How Does A Doctor Disability Letter Work?

Also known as a medical source statement, a doctor disability letter is written by your primary doctor discussing your health condition. Additionally, the letter should describe how your mental or physical limitations impact your ability to perform specific duties at work.

A medical source statement must provide unbiased evidence to support your claim. If your doctor can provide a detailed letter, it can be a valuable source of evidence. Your medical provider should also write the letter within 60 days for mental health conditions and six months for other health conditions for the SSA to consider it relevant to your case.

The Most Important Parts Of A Doctor Disability Letter

A successful medical source statement must be fact-based and consistent with your claim. Here are two essential components your physician should include in their letter:

Detailed Information Regarding Your Condition

Your medical diagnosis, including any ongoing treatments and long-term prognosis, is one of the main factors the SSA takes into account when evaluating a case. For this reason, your physician needs to explain your health condition thoroughly. Here are some important details they should include: 

  • Any exams the doctor used to diagnose you
  • The symptoms you suffer from and how they impact your daily life
  • The exact date you were diagnosed with the disability
  • Your disability’s long-term prognosis

Physical and Mental Restrictions

While you may have a medical condition, the SSA primarily wants to see precisely how it stops you from performing your job duties. Due to this requirement, your medical provider must also demonstrate that you cannot perform work-related tasks due to your disability.

To make the process easier, bring a residual functional capacity (RFC) form to your next doctor’s appointment and ask them to fill out the information. They can attach this form alongside their letter.

Can You Submit Multiple Letters?

If you’re seeing more than one provider for your condition, the SSA will permit you to submit as many medical statements as you need. However, they will consider the length of time you’ve been seeing a specific doctor. A doctor who has worked with you for longer can also give more detailed information relevant to your claim.

Let Us Help You Win Your Disability Claim

A well-written medical statement can be an essential component that can help you win your SSDI claim. Your doctor can use their medical knowledge and first-hand experience with your case to give a detailed recount of your health condition. The more evidence they can provide, the easier it’ll be for the SSA to rule in favor of your claim.

If you want to know more about preparing a medical source statement for your case, our professional social security disability lawyers are here to help. Please call us at 855-367-0135 or use our online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation today. We serve Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and more.

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