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Category: Social Security Disability

Extended IRS Deadline for Economic Impact Payments

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

IRS Extends Deadline to Ensure People with Children Receive $500 Economic Impact Payments The extended deadline is fast approaching and applies to people who: Receive Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability benefits, or SSI payments; Did not file a 2019 or 2018 tax return; Have a qualifying child under age 17; and Who did not already enter information in the IRS’ Non-Filer Tool for themselves and at least one child. If you have already entered information in the IRS’ Non-Filer Tool before and even after the IRS’ previously announced deadlines (April 22 for Social Security beneficiaries; May 5 for SSI recipients), you […]

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Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Monday, June 10, 2019

As the baby boomer generation prepares to retire, they begin to question what to do in their golden years.  Travel? Pick up a new hobby? But for some, taking care of their disabled adult children and how to go about doing it after they retire, is a more pressing matter, one thought about way before they can even think of themselves. The Social Security Administration does have a few options for those families who may be wanting to seek assistance for their disabled adult child (DAC). A DAC is defined as an individual who is unmarried and who, before the […]

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New Unfair Social Security Disability "Redeterminations" Based on Fraud by Convicted Lawyer Raymond LaValle Representation Should Be Challenged

Friday, October 20, 2017

Just this week, more legitimately disabled individuals became victims of the criminal acts of their former Social Security Disability attorney, Raymond LaValle, and his criminal associates Thomas Hale, Joseph Esposito and John Minerva. See my prior posts here and here discussing the unfairness of lumping all claimants represented by Mr. LaValle into an overly broad allegation of fraud. Since that time, I have won many cases by proving to Social Security that many of the claimants represented by Mr. LaValle were in fact disabled under the Social Security law. Social Security was trying to take away their well deserved benefits […]

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Is Working While On Disability a Contradiction?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

  You know someone who has been involved in an accident that has affected his ability to perform his duties at work. He applies for disability, and receives it; but then you find out that he is working at another job. You scratch your head and wonder how it’s possible that someone who is receiving disability is able to continue working. Isn’t that some sort of conflict of interest? Actually, it isn’t. As surprising as it may sound, the government actually offers incentives to those who are on disability. The aim of these incentives is to encourage those who are […]

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Social Security Disability Advocates Binder & Binder Officially File for Bankruptcy

Friday, December 19, 2014

As reported in the Wall Street Journal today, the nation-wide Social Security Disability firm of Binder and Binder formally filed for bankruptcy last night in New York.  The bankruptcy petition filed with the Court is 62 pages long (we will post on Monday) and lists current total employees as of October 2014 at 966.  The bankruptcy petition indicates that the staff at Binder & Binder will shrink, presumably by closing offices and layoffs, to 355 employees as of December 2016. In addition, employee benefits will shrink by approximately one third. According to the petition filed in Court, there will be no more […]

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Social Security Disability Firm Binder & Binder Prepares for Bankruptcy

Monday, December 15, 2014

  “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.”  As reported originally in the Wall Street Journal, Binder & Binder, one of America’s largest Social Security Disability Advocate corporations is preparing for possible bankruptcy this week. The company is facing roughly $40 million dollars in debt due in part to the expensive and ubiquitous late night commercials featuring Charlie Binder in his infamous cowboy hat. In addition, the company is getting squeezed due to shrinking demand for its services and greater government scrutiny of Social Security disability claims. Binder & Binder was once a small Long Island law firm founded by brothers […]

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