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Nassau County Workers’ Compensation Resource Guide

It’s often difficult to know where to turn after you suffer a workplace injury that puts you out of work. You’re worried about your health, of course, but you also wonder how you will be able to support yourself and your family while you recover. For Nassau County residents who face work-related accidents, injuries, and illnesses that keep them out of work, the New York workers’ compensation program can be a lifeline. Read on for an overview of the most common occupations and injuries in Nassau County, how often workplace accidents occur, and what resources are available to injured workers. For more information about any topic herein, please contact a Nassau County workplace accident attorney. 

The Most Common Occupations and Industries in Nassau County 

According to Data USA, the most common occupations in Nassau County, and the percentage of the workforce engaged in them, are: 

  • Office and administrative support occupations (12.6%)
  • Management occupations (10.8%)
  • Sales and related occupations (10.7%)
  • Education, instruction, and library occupations (8.6%)
  • Business and financial operations occupations (7.1%)
  • Health diagnosing and treating practitioners and other technical operations (6.7%)
  • Construction and extraction occupations (4.0%)
  • Food preparation and serving related occupations (3.9%)
  • Building and grounds cleaning and maintenance occupations (3.7%)
  • Transportation occupations (3.5%)

The most common industries in the county and the percentage of the workforce engaged in them are: 

  • Healthcare and social assistance (16.3%)
  • Educational services (12.5%)
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services (9.8%)
  • Retail trade (9.0%)
  • Finance and insurance (8.1%)
  • Construction (5.7%)
  • Transportation and warehousing (5.3%)
  • Accommodation and food services (5.2%)
  • Public administration (5.1%)
  • Other services, except public administration (4.2%)

Long Island Workplace Accidents and Injuries

No matter what your occupation is or what industry you work in, the danger of suffering a work-related accident or injury is ever-present. While the rate of occupational injuries and illnesses in New York (2.2 per 100 full-time workers) is below the national average (2.8 per 100 full-time workers), that is not a reason for complacency. In 2018 (the latest year for which data is available), that low incident rate nonetheless translated into over 200,000 nonfatal injuries and illnesses statewide. 

The incident rate of injuries and illnesses for all industries in New York (including state and local governments) in 2018 from highest to lowest were: 

  • Local government (6.4 incidents per 100 full-time workers) 
  • State government (6.3)
  • Natural resources and mining (4.7)
  • Education and health services (3.2)
  • Construction (2.8)
  • Leisure and hospitality (2.8)
  • Manufacturing (2.6)
  • Trade, transportation, and utilities (2.6)
  • Other services, except public administration (1.6)
  • Information (1.4) 
  • Financial activities (0.9)
  • Professional and business services (0.9)

While many tend to think of workplace accidents and injuries as affecting primarily blue-collar professions, the reality is that these incidents occur in every industry (albeit some more than others). Even workers in the white-collar professional and business services industry face an accident rate of 1 in 100. Thus, all workers in Nassau County — even those in reputedly “safe” occupations — are at risk of suffering severe work-related accidents and injuries. 

Resources for Injured Workers in Nassau County 

Financial assistance is available to injured workers in Nassau County through the workers’ compensation program, which is administered by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides benefits to individuals who suffer work-related injuries that keep them from working until they recover. The program’s key feature is that it covers almost all types of work-related injuries — even those for which the employee was at fault. If you suffered an accident at work in Nassau County, chances are that you are covered under the program, but please contact a Nassau County workplace accident attorney if you are unsure. 

What Counts as a “Workplace” Accident? 

The workers’ compensation program covers the vast majority of all injuries in the workplace or within the scope of an employee’s duties. 

Who is Covered? 

The vast majority of workplace accidents and injuries are covered under the workers’ compensation program.

What Benefits Are Available? 

The workers’ compensation program provides benefits in three forms: medical benefits, cash benefits, and death benefits

  • Medical benefits: The program provides for the full cost of treatment of work-related accidents and injuries, so long as the workers’ compensation board authorizes the health care provider
  • Cash benefits: For workers who cannot work for more than seven days, cash benefits are available in the amount of of the worker’s average weekly wage multiplied by the percent he or she is disabled. For example, for a worker who is 60% disabled and whose average weekly salary is $700, the cash benefit would be $280 per week ( x $700 x 0.6)
  • Death benefits: For workers who die due to their injuries, the program pays the worker’s surviving spouse and/or minor children with benefits in the amount of of the deceased worker’s average weekly wage for the year preceding the accident.

Questions? Contact a Nassau County Workplace Accident Attorney 

If you have been injured in a work-related accident in Nassau County, you should consider speaking to an attorney who can help you determine what your options are. To get started, please contact a Nassau County workplace accident attorney at Turley, Redmond and Rosasco by using our online form or calling our Nassau County office at 516-745-5666.

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