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Workplace Accidents Archives

Employees have right to work without fear of workplace accidents

Broken bones, cuts, bruises and even death all occur within the workplace. The average New York resident goes to work each day expecting to return home after earning that day's wages. While there, the worker does not usually expect to fall victim to one of the many workplace accidents that occur every year.

Workplace accidents: construction worker killed on the job

Working construction in New York can be a dangerous profession in spite of all the safety precautions most companies implement. Whether the result of a fall, faulty equipment or simply human error, workplace accidents can cause serious injuries or even lead to fatalities. This proved true for one construction worker who was recently killed on the job while working at a high school.

Serious workplace accidents can cause fatalities

New York residents employed in manufacturing positions likely know that the industry can be a dangerous place to work. Even with the numerous safety regulations enforced in the majority of businesses, workplace accidents still occur often. Unfortunately, these accidents can sometimes lead to fatalities. A recent accident at a packaging facility caused the deaths of three employees and injured several others.

Workplace accidents: Engulfment by fertilizer kills 1 worker

Loading and unloading of any product can be hazardous. Workers in the agricultural industry in New York and other states may be very aware of engulfment hazards, and many might have lost coworkers in such workplace accidents. Deputies in another state recently reported the death of a worker who was engulfed by granular fertilizer.

How many workplace accidents are truly "accidental"?

In a recent article, the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Administration commented on the fact that any employee injury or death can always be linked back to a decision made by an employer or supervisor to do something or the neglect to do something. He said the recent dramatization of a 2010 oil rig explosion called Deepwater Horizon demonstrates how such tragedies come about. He emphasized that most workplace accidents in New York and elsewhere are not at all accidental, but preventable and predictable incidents.

Workplace Accidents: Car smashes into lift truck basket

Workers in the construction industry in New York and other states have to face many known hazards, but from time to time, they come up against unanticipated -- and sometimes life-threatening -- dangers. Unexpected workplace accidents can happen at any time and may cause minor to life-threatening injuries. The Rochester Fire Department recently rushed to an accident in which a car smashed into the basket of a lift truck.

Workplace accidents causing amputations mostly avoidable

Negligent business owners often expose industrial employees in New York and other states to amputation hazards. Too many workplace accidents are caused by non-compliance with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The agency recently reported the outcome of an investigation that followed an avoidable incident in another state that almost caused one employee to lose an arm.

Workplace accidents: Food factory grinder mangles worker's hand

Workers in food manufacturing plants are typically exposed to amputation hazards. Some employees are fortunate enough to work for employers who prioritize their safety. However, thousands of others must risk potential workplace accidents because of unsafe work environments.

Workplace accidents: Wood chipper kills untrained worker

Employees of tree trimming companies face multiple hazards on a daily basis. It is not only the exposure to fall hazards when working at heights that threaten their safety, but also equipment such as chain saws and wood chippers typically used in this industry. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says, of all the equipment used by tree workers, wood chippers are the most dangerous and are responsible for many workplace accidents. In fact, the reported amputations resulting from wood chipper injuries are now six times more than those recorded five years ago.

Workplace accidents: New York father crushed to death at work

A New York man -- said to have been a wonderful husband, father, son and brother -- recently lost his life after suffering fatal on-the-job injuries. Workplace accidents that cause severe injuries or deaths are typically investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Investigators are usually initially focused on the employer's compliance with federal safety regulations.

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