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February 2017 Archives

Construction workers' accidents: Another death causes concern

Building authorities in New York recently expressed their concern about the number of fatalities in the construction industry. The City Council said construction workers' accidents on New York building sites caused the deaths of 11 people last year. A call was made for harsher enforcement of compliance with safety standards after yet another life was recently lost on a construction site.

Construction workers' accidents: Roofers exposed to fall hazards

A New York roofing company is adamant to fight the findings of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It maintains that no workplace injuries have occurred in the 10 years of its existence. However, OSHA is concerned about the company's repeated non-compliance with safety regulations. An OSHA spokesperson said safety regulations to prevent construction workers' accidents are not only necessities but required by law.

Serious workplace illness can be caused by exposure to styrene

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the American Board of Industrial Hygiene recently underscored the importance of protecting workers against volatile organic compounds such as styrene, which is highly flammable. Exposure to such hazardous substances can cause workplace illness that could be debilitating or even fatal. Styrene is used in the manufacture of multiple products, and employees in some New York factories may not even be aware of the potential dangers.

New law to protect public workers from workplace injuries

New York workers in some industries are extremely vulnerable to assault. Last month, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a new bill into law that will see assaults on public workers elevated to felonies from misdemeanors. Previous laws had been enacted to better protect workers such as emergency medical service providers and technicians along with transit workers. Sadly, some public workers to suffer severe workplace injuries at the hands of those they serve.

Workplace accidents: Architect falls 47 stories to his death

The wife and three children of an architect from a neighboring state have to cope on their own after his fatal fall from a New York high-rise. This was one of many fatal workplace accidents on construction sites this year. An investigation by the Department of Buildings is underway.

How are you affected by extended workdays?

Does your employer require you to work extended hours? If so, you might want to learn about some aspects of extended workdays that could cause you harm if left unaddressed. Although it is not an inherently dangerous choice for a company to make, there are risks attached.

Construction workers' accidents: Fatal fall from 42nd floor

The number of fatalities in the construction industry in New York listed by the city varies from that published by the federal government. Reportedly, the city's recorded data only includes construction workers' accidents that occurred due to violations of the construction code of the city. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's records include all construction-related deaths.

Unguarded lathe spindle causes fatal workplace injuries

Employees of industrial companies in New York are frequently exposed to dangerous moving parts of machines. Even though unguarded equipment is responsible for so many serious and even fatal workplace injuries, employers still allow these hazardous conditions to exist. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes clear guidelines and regulations about the safeguarding of machines, and violations can have devastating consequences.

Workplace accidents: Scaffold collapse kills contract worker

Hazards can exist in all industries nationwide, including in New York -- many of them life-threatening. Two serious workplace accidents took place in one county of a neighboring state within four days. In the first incident, an employee of a hotel was injured when his hand got caught in a compactor, and, in the second, a worker died during a scaffolding collapse.

Construction workers' accidents: Man struck by pavement roller

Whenever there is activity in road construction zones in New York and other states, lives are put on the line. The dangers posed by the massive machines and equipment must never be underestimated. Owners of construction companies must ensure that operators of equipment are qualified and trained in the operation of the particular machine. Even slight errors can cause devastating construction workers' accidents.

Workplace injuries: No more heavy lifting for baggage handlers

New York Newark International Airport workers will be relieved to learn that they may have safer workplace environments in the future. Reportedly, United Airline has agreed to settle a 2015 lawsuit. As part of the settlement, an ergonomics study will find ways to eliminate musculoskeletal and repetitive motion workplace injuries.

OSHA says employer failed to prevent workplace injuries

While there are certain safety hazards present in most workplaces, every industry has its own unique dangers that need to be addressed. Workers must be trained to identify safety risks, and also the required precautions to avoid workplace injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that the failure to provide this basic training contributed to the cause of severe injuries to two employees of a New York provider and servicing company of fire extinguishers.

Exposure to mercury causes workplace illness in New York

A New York company that endeavors to eliminate the threat posed by hazardous waste on the environment has been found to be oblivious to the life-threatening dangers to which its workers are exposed. An investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was launched after complaints were filed by employees of Environmental Remediation Services. Upon completion of the inquiry, OSHA reported that the employees of the company were exposed to chemicals that could cause workplace illness.

Falling cinderblock causes severe workplace injuries

Construction workers in New York have to face multiple safety hazards on a daily basis. Almost every aspect of construction work poses dangers that may cause severe workplace injuries or, in some cases, fatalities. Despite the extensive list of safety regulations that are prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers continue to allow employees to work without personal protective equipment.

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